Taking care of our body’s health is a daily task

Taking care of our body’s health is a daily task.

To keep our body healthy, it is recommended that we meet the different daily requirements of our organism.

In this technology era in which we currently find ourselves, we are forced to live an ever more accelerated lifestyle, and therefore every day it is more complicated to ensure a healthy lifestyle for ourselves.

We live in polluted environments, plus, the lifestyle that leads us to eat poorly, mainly due to rushed schedules that overwhelm us. We must add to all this that, with the pressure and demands of current society, we find ourselves under psychological stress every day. All these factors affect us a little bit every day and can harm our health leading us to develop physical illnesses and afflictions.

For our body to be in healthy condition, we must provide it daily with certain nutrients and activities necessary to maintain the adequate balance in our metabolism and other bodily functions; among the most important that we should take into account are:

– Eating properly: This refers not only to the class and quality of the food we eat, but also to having meals at the appropriate times, without letting too many hours pass between one meal and another, especially between the moment we wake up and breakfast. Regarding the food we must include in our diet, the best option is to have at least one element from each different food groups, WHICH ARE:
Fruits and vegetables, such as: tomato, corn, zucchini, etc.
Grains and cereals: corn and wheat products, plus oats, amaranth and rice.
Legumes and food of animal origin.

– Drinking enough water. The amount of water you drink should be enough to maintain our organism functioning well. Between 2 and 3 liters per day are recommended, but the amount for each person depends on physical characteristics and physical activity each carries out.

– Sleeping well. Good rest is a must so that our body can repair itself, at a cellular level, from all activity carried out. Besides, lack of sleep, or bad-quality sleep for long periods, affect us both physically and mentally, and can cause obesity and other arterial pressure and heart problems.

– Exercising. A Little exercise every day will always provide beneficial effects to our health, but we mustn’t exceed our physical capability, nor undergo extreme efforts from one day to another. It is recommended that you ask your physician before starting any exercise program.

– Watching our weight. We must try to always eat properly, and not just go on diets that starve us for a few days, and then go back to our bad eating habits. As we mentioned before, the quality of the food we eat is important, as well as when we eat them.
Taking care of ourselves every day will give our bodies a healthier condition, let’s start today.
Have a good day!

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What is hydration?

Hydration consists of providing our organism with water to recover what is lost in daily biological processes: if we lose too many liquids in our organism, then we run the risk of dehydrating and, in severe cases, this can be dangerous and immediate medical attention may be required.

Hydration, also called rehydration, is a process through which we recover the levels of water necessary to maintain our body healthy, it’s restoring the balance between the amount of liquids ingested and those which are lost through bodily processes. A good hydration in the body allows us to maintain an OPTIMA body temperature, for even at a cellular level it is evident when the level of liquids in our organism is low, and we´re dehydrating.

Water in the organism takes part in many vital processes, such as transporting nutrients to the whole organism and digesting food.

Good hydration is even reflected in a healthy condition of our skin.

A great part of the human body is formed by WATER. It is said that we are more than 60% water, a percentage that varies depending on the age, gender and physical condition of each individual.

Blood, for example, is made up in great measure, of water, and it is necessary to maintain a correct level of water, in relation to the other components in the blood, for the correct distribution of nutrients and enzymes in the whole human organism.

We lose a great amount of water every day due to the different physical and physiological activities that our body carries out. This happens during any time of the year, but more so during warm seasons, because excessive perspiration because of the weather reduces the level of water in our organism even more. Even when we do little physical activity, the internal biological processes of our body demand certain amounts of water, every day, for the body to function in an OPTIMA way and thus keep us healthy and so we can do our daily activities such as studying, reading, playing or working.

If we play a sport or do exercise, the need to keep the organism hydrated is even greater, because the effort in our muscles generates heat which is dissipated by means of perspiration, mainly, which is the loss of water and certain compounds in the blood through the skin.
Keep hydrated! It is important for your health and it will allow you to do all your activities in a better way and ensuring your good health.

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Tips for Good Hydration

To maintain a good level of liquids in our organism, that is, a good hydration, we recommend the following:

– Drink BEFORE you’re thirsty. Dehydration begins before we feel it.
– Drink water (liquids, juices, fruit) not only during meals.
– Drink between two and three liters of water every day, from food, beverages and other liquids.

You should drink more if you do exercise or if you live in places where the weather is warm. The exact amount depends on each individual’s organism.

– Always have your favorite beverage on hand, NOT alcoholic or SOFT DRINK. Drink a little every certain amount of time, that can be between 30 and 45 minutes. Drinking plain water is mainly recommended, to keep hydrated, but if our beverage tastes good, it will be easier for us to drink more often. We must make sure it doesn’t contain a lot of sugar.

– Avoid alcohol, for it is a diuretic and as such has the opposite effect (it makes us eliminate water) and it dehydrates us.

– Make sure you don’t have an excessive loss of water, and mainly take care not to lose an excessive amount of water through perspiration.

– Don’t expose yourself directly to the sun for long periods of time; avoid physical efforts that are too demanding and try to wear fresh and loose clothing.

– Fruits, vegetables, juices and jello also provide water to the organism. In the case of soups, we need to be careful that they don’t contain too much sodium (salt). It’s easier to keep hydrated if we have a good variety of food and beverages to intake.

Keep hydrated! It’s important for your health and it will allow you to do all your activities in the best way and ensuring good health.

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