About Us


about us

We are a company with a tradition of more than half a century in the industry of sodas in Mexico. The key to our success is that we developed an advanced technology, with highly qualified personnel, that allow us to manufacture soft-drinks made of fruit from national fields. The Cooperative has generated a great dynamic and capable corporate and productive environment, being a global example of work integration, in which professional ethics and dedication to productive activities have earned us national and international awards and prizes. Quality demonstrated throughout time, as well as the ability of innovation, are what have made the Pascual Cooperative continue the now-long legendary tradition of manufacturing its beverages with the best fruits from Mexican fields and, at the same time, perfect its productive processes with technical and professional resources of the highest level in Mexico and in the world.

Currently, the Pascual Cooperative is conformed of two production plants, one located in Tizayuca, Hidalgo, another in San Juan del Rio, Queretaro, 27 branches and 12 franchised distribution centers throughout the country.

Our products are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which endorses their excellent quality.


We are a Mexican cooperative, dedicated to processing pulp and juice from fruits for manufacturing, bottling, distributing and commercializing high-quality natural, healthy and nutritious beverages, committed to please and satisfy the expectations of consumers of all ages, contributing to the general well-being of our cooperative and of the world.


We perceive ourselves as a cooperative which is 100% Mexican and leading producer in the national and international market of beverages based on natural fruits which are healthy and nutritious, committed to the excellency of our products and the satisfaction of our customers, in order to be able to raise the quality of life of all people who conform the cooperative, and society in general.

Our Values



It is the adhesion to the welfare of others making us one with them until all have the same luck.



It is giving what I belong to that high value and that, in some way, it also belongs to me. It is demonstrating a faithful act, resisting outside temptations that harm or hinder the Cooperative.



It is the respect for other’s property. It opposes to lies, deceit, fraud, corruption and falseness.



Intervention from the partners to govern, respecting the ideas of others by enforcing the right to vote.



It is the simple and human behavior that opposes to pride and arrogance.



It is the response to any assumed duty, it is the unavoidable commitment of each individual towards others and towards a duty to be achieved.



It is not taking sides, preference to any inclination, always seeking objectivity.



A sense of justice, of giving to each individual what belongs to him or her.



Working with one another pursuing a common objective.



The veneration of the Cooperative as a sublime act and the acceptance that each individual has and that others deserve.



Humane treatment towards others without discriminating or giving preference to anyone, highlighting human dignity.



The exercise of guidelines to maintain order of all members that conform the Cooperative.



A contracted obligation, care and preoccupation for others and for the Cooperative.

History 1930
  • 1940-1-2

    The company Pascual S. A.

    Was founded in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s by Mr. Rafael Victor Jimenez Zamudio. The first products that it launched in the market were lollypops, then water bottled in jugs, and finally Pascual soft drinks.

  • 1950-1-2

    The first company facilities

    Were located in the Anahuac neighborhood, later in the San Rafael neighborhood, and finally in the Transito neighborhood in the early 1950’s. It was then that the Pascual company started to advertise the Pato Pascual soft drinks with the slogan “Fruit in your soft drink”. In the same decade, Lulu soft drinks were launched, represented by a flirtatious and innocent doll that marked a whole generation.

  • 1960-2-2

    In the early 1960’s

    The company was already greatly renowned within the soft drink industry. It acquired facilities in other parts of the country, as well as in the United States and Japan. It was during that time that Boing!, the fruit beverage, was launched, which, unlike Pascual and Lulu, is uncarbonated.

    In the mid 1960’s, Rafael Jimenez got in touch with Swedish company Tetra Pak, gaining exclusivity for Boing! packaging.

    At the end of that same decade the Planta Norte was acquired, whose facilities were owned by soft drink company Canada Dry, as well as the franchise for producing and commercializing its products. Both exclusivity of the Tetra Pak packaging and the Canada Dry franchise were lost in 1982, when a strike movement originated.

  • 1982-1983-39-2

    In March of 1982 the government decreed 10, 20, and 30% salary increases

    Most companies complied with this presidential provision, but not the owner of Pascual Soft Drinks, who refused to grant the raise. Faced by this refusal, a group of Pascual employees went to the Mexican Party for Employees (Partido Mexicano de los Trabajadores, PTM).

    For this reason, the employees decided to go on strike, stopping both plants on May 18, 1982. In response to this action, on My 31st, the owner attended the facilities of Planta Sur, ordering his people to fire to break up the strike, murdering two employees and leaving 17more injures. Citizen Demetrio Vallejo, leader of the PTM, planned actions to be followed, led the advisors and the Fight Committee. There were key moments during the strike movement: seizure of the office son the seventh floor of the Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration; attainment of the title for the Collective Labor Contract, thus taking away legal recognition for the strike of May 24, 1983, from the Confederation of Mexican Employees (CTM), and finally, the triumph of the strike movement.

  • 1984-1-2

    In August, 1984

    During an Assembly previous to a hearing, they agreed to attach one more alternative for the solution to their conflict: to grant all of Refrescos Pascual S.A. assets to the employees who committed to working under the Cooperative system.

  • 1985-1-2

    On May 27, 1985, the Sociedad Cooperativa de Trabajadores de Pascual S.C.L. (Cooperative Partnership of Employees of Pascual, Limited Capital Company)

    started its activities with the “Aguascalientes Project”. Eight trucks left towards said state to get products (Boing! Was still being produced in that state), and return to Mexico City with the object of reopening their doors and conquering the market. In an organized manner, they went out to sell their products and started to write de success story of a 100% Mexican Cooperative.

    At the Pascual Cooperative natural, healthy and nutritious beverages are manufactured and commercialized y the range of juices, nectars, fruit pulp, purified water and soft drinks, with the commitment to delight and satisfy consumers of all ages.
    Since its origins, Pascual Cooperative has been state-of-the-art in the production of refreshing beverages, such as:

    Pato Pascual, Lulu and Mexicola, which are carbonated beverages; Boing, Boing mas fruta, Pato Pascual Citrus, Nectasis, Pascual Purified Water, Flavored water, that are uncarbonated, and Pascual milk.